Do You Have Questions About Carports?

Ask and Answer Time About Your Carports.

Good morning I have always felt I needed to educate all my clients first on everything carports. Yes, this is a major purchase for association boards to make for there residents so it’s important that they get all the facts up front to help make the right decisions.

Yes, I know how the game is played when other contractors show up to give bids also. My experience shows it’s all about the sale  for them not about the best interest of the board or residents!

Look, here is my thinking pattern when talking with my client. I find most boards need direction when planning a carport or carport replacement. Yes, there may be 4-5 board members from all walks of life but most have know construction experience.

So, know I don’t get the correct questions asked and that is why I give them an outline of questions that they need to ask every contractor that will bid on there carport project.

All the questions I ask them get answered by me first and then this gives them an outline to see how other contractors answer the questions. Oh and yes boards will make adjustments to fit there needs as they see fit.

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Entry Level Carport Pricing

Entry Level Carports

Entry Level Carports

When All You Care About is Price?

Yes, I finally said it! Price-Price-Price we just need a new bare bones carport replacement to make our residents happy!

Yes, our insurance company is breathing down our neck to bring our carports to the latest building and wind code what can do  for us Glen?

Well, take a look at the photo and here is our entry level carport for all the residents that squawk about price! Pending on your location we can get this carport price down to $3,600.00 per parking space!

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Invest in New Condominium Carports

Learn Why to Look at

Carports as Investment


Excelsior Best Selling Carport Ever

Excelsior Best Selling Carport Ever

In today’s world so many clients look at every major purchase as an investment. There thinking says what is my return on this investment?

So, for the past several years I have included it in my presentation to association boards and management companies. But how do you come to a conclusion on the true value and the return on investment on condominium carports.

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The High Cost of Waiting to Build Carports

Learn Why Waiting to Build or Replace Your

Carports Can Cost You Big

I must say 2014 has been awesome for Absolute Aluminum’s carport business. We have several projects on the hook to do this summer. But, the one thing that I seen more this year is board association’s putting off carport projects until next year.

There talk track was we only have part of the money or yes we know it needs to be done but we never reserved the money yada yada! Believe it or not I have 1 carport project that has been putting it off for 5 years now!

Look, I understand the association boards have there reason for waiting but are they really doing there residents justice by waiting?

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Insurance Carport Inspections Are The Norm Now

Yes, things are changing all the time with the insurance market since Citizens Insurance wants to lower there policy count. So, as this happens you will see new Insurance companies start doing inspections on all exterior amenities  such as Carports, Railings and Windows. I have heard from my clients that if you have older carports they only want to insure for a set amount, and of course that amount would not come close to replacing your carports if needed.

Now, is the time to take notice and have your carports inspected and take a look at how you can either prolong the life of your existing carports or if there to old and it makes no sense to repair then get a price to replace now or in the near future.

By prolonging and saying we will wait another year will only cost you more money in the long run. I have seen clients wait 2-4 years only to see the cost almost double in price. The worst part about it is they never even started saving towards new carports to spread the cost out over those years. So now they are looking at doing an assessment  for the whole amount. That is why I see so many residents up in arms with there boards when it comes time to ask for resident approval.

Right now I have seen a big push in getting large carport projects financing because the banks are eager to loan money once again to most condominium associations. So, there are always options but it takes an association to get behind the carport project and due there due diligence  and weigh out all there options so they can present the real facts to there residents and let them make the right decisions. By doing this everybody wins!

Call Glen Kohlenberg the expert on everything carport related and get Glen to give you a free inspection of your carports. Plus, Glen writes up a nice report of everything he found on your carports and his recommendation on how to move forward. Glen and Absolute Aluminum has over 65 completed carport projects and Glen has had articles featured in the Florida Journal for Condominium Managers and Associations. Call Glen at 941-650-2420 direct.

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Happy New Year Carport Clients

Carport Question

Carport Question

Yes, 2013 was a great year for the carport crew this year. With over 401 carport spaces sold this year it kept Rodger and his crew very busy. So, a big thank you to all our clients that trusted us to build carports for them this year!

I believe 2014 will be our biggest year ever mainly because I am already working with over 19 different carport projects in all phases with management companies or condominium boards direct.

Why are we so busy? The photo to your left I believe is the main reason! I take the time to listen and answer all my clients questions. Yes, it can take months even years to get to condominium associations to agree to replace carports.

Yes, it’s a major expense to the residents but I must say there has not been a carport project we completed that the residents have not been 100% satisfied and wish they would have done much sooner! LISTEN to that! The keyword was SOONER because it would have saved them thousands of dollars to do it SOONER then later!

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How to Prolong The Life of Your Carports

The Best Advise I can Give To Prolong The Life Of Your Carports

I need to laugh because the most watched video on our You Tube Channel is how to replace a carport post! Yes we replace carport post almost every week because someone ran into them with there car.

So, I look at carports all over Florida every week and I see the most common problems and I’m thinking if only the Association would have done some preventive maintenance they could have prolonged there carports life.

Let’s take a look!

Post: Most of the time the post are rotten out right at the asphalt level. This is caused by not keeping the post sealed and painted right at the asphalt level.

Beams: Again keep them sealed and painted plus here is the biggie upgrade and replace the threw bolts to a larger size like 1/2 ” stainless! Why? because most of the time the bolts are ate off from the salt air and they are way to small with the storms we have today.

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Yes, we see carport designs changing with the times as new materials come on board from manufactures and at Absolute Aluminum we try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new designs.

Every client we have has some type of new design in mind because every condominium building is different. Just look as you drive down the coast line and you will see what I mean.

So, yes we need to come out with new designs every year to please our clients needs. Plus, changes in state building codes and wind speed changes keep us and manufactures on our toes always testing new materials and our designs.

It always starts with setting with our engineers going over the challenges of our designs and materials to see if the correct spans are being met to meet the Florida Building Codes.

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Carport Season is Here Are You Ready?

Carport Season is Here and I wanted to show you are best selling carport for 2013 so far! Absolute Aluminum has built over 700 parking spaces with the Excelsior Carport style.  We built this carport in Siesta Key Florida and it has been a real hit with condominium clients all over Florida.

We are in Longboat Key Florida right now building 306 carport spaces just like the photo. So, why has this become such a big selling carport? I believe mainly because of the style and price! This carport falls into a price point that makes it affordable to most condominium clients.

Plus, the style looks great with most condominium buildings and we can also dress it up to match your existing condominium. To help keep cost down we have a strip down version of this carport which really has some great price points but then we have a host of upgrades.

So, if carports are on your horizon in 2014-2015 now is the time to start looking at designs so that Glen Kohlenberg can do a free carport audit for your board of directors and then work on some special pricing and construction dates that are available. We build carports from May to November so not to disturb our seasonal residents. We already have over 150 carport spaces sold for 2014 but looking to fill our install dates with some special projects.


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Keep Up With Longboat Harbour Carport Installation Process

Longboat Harbour Carport

Longboat Harbour Carport

Yes, even with all the rain we have had we finally made it to installing the concrete columns. So we have 176 concrete columns to pour and we are able to pour 2 building at a time.

So, before the month ends we will have all the columns poured yeah!

I can’t remember when we had so much rain during the summer months as this year. We lost 1 week straight because of the rain.

Plus, we are working with 3 other contractors as they try to get there work done around us. I must say everyone is working great together and the staff and management at Longboat Harbour have been awsome to work with.

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