You made the decision to build carports now it’s time to turn on the lights? Carport lighting is a must for a lot of reasons but mainly for security. Sure you may have lighting now but just like building new carports and using all the new technology we have available lighting is no different.

I’m in Florida so when we work along the shore line we have a turtle law that we need to adhere to. But we have come up with some special lighting along with some covers we can use to meet the turtle codes.

The main thing is to make sure you don’t turn cheap when it comes to lighting. Wiring also needs to be pulled and you may need to look at your electric box to make sure that your new carport lighting will handle it.

Most all my new designs we use concrete columns so we need to work closely with your electrician so that we can run chase conduit inside of our columns and this gives you a clean look plus it cuts down on service in the future.

I have used a 4′ fluorescent with double bulbs with a PVC outside casing that works great in all types of climate and in 15 years I have never had a problem with them plus they make a amber bulb cover that meets my turtle codes.

The latest lighting fixture we used was a small double fluorescent light only 12″ long and it’s considered green energy lighting. I would say it gives a nice soft tone to the overall carport project but still makes the residents feel comfortable if they come home at night time.

Most electrical contractors also use photo cells for the lights to turn on and off automatically. Plus I always try to get the condominium associations to add a double plug at each end of the carports. One plug for the use as an outlet the other as a switch to shut down all the lighting on the carports.

The main thing is to take your time and have a plan that works when it comes to carport lighting. Working with your electrical contractor along with us makes the project flow well and cost less overall.

Glen Kohlenberg [Carport King]

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