When building new or up grading your existing carports you must use a Elite Composite Roof. For the past 15 years I have used Elite’s panels for all my carport projects.

Several reasons for this in which I will explain to you here. First in my opinion after installing thousands of panels they make the finest panels on the market today. There snap in lock system which ties the 2 panels together has a positive lock that stays together.

Remember this is the core to a great panel along with I have never had in 15 years using Elite’s panel any type of delamination of there panels. Never!

The next big thing is there warranty, there panels carry a 10 year written warranty and the best in our industry in my opinion. This clearly helps me when selling carports and Elite has a trusted name in our industry.

Think about this when I send new clients to carport projects I have sold 15 years ago to look at and talk with my existing condominium associations and they look at the project they all come back and say I can’t believe the carports were that old. They still look like brand new.

This is the reason I get so many referrals and why I continue to use Elite Composite Panels. There product and warranty has held the test of time for me and I will continue to use there panels on all my projects.

Sure, there are less expensive panels on the market today but I will never skip on quality over price because I have found it always come back to bite you some where down the road.

Next let me talk to you about the wind code and Elite Panel Products and why we need to use different thickness of panels. First, the minimum thickness we use is a 3″ panel with 1lb foam and a aluminum thickness of .024/.024 on both sides of the panel.

Just so you no panels come in 4′ and 2′ widths and lengths up to 48′. So if your in a 130 MPH wind code we would use the above panel spec’s. But if you went to a 140MPH wind code we may pending where you are in Florida we would use a 4″ thick panel.

We have used up to a 6″ panel to meet up to a 150MPH wind code. Again there are a ton of variations when it comes to engineering and working with wind codes plus we have 67 different county’s in Florida and we need to take many things in to account before we can even price your project.

So, the bottom line is that Elite Panel Products can meet all of our needs and they have all the engineering needed to get the job done.

Glen Kohlenberg [Carport King]

Condominium Division Sales

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